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Zinger Wooden Propeller
Propeller by J&Z Products.
Fine crafted, wooden propeller for R/C aircraft.
Wooden Propellers
Tornado Props
Durable/Flexible 2 Blade,
3 Blade
Thunder Tiger
Magnum Props
Master Airscrew Wood
Master Airscrew Wood Props are made of Lightweight,
Kiln-Dried Beechwood. Props with Larger Diameters Greater
than 16 inches, are Made from Heavier Maple.
Master Airscrew Scimitar
Made of Lightweight,
Charcoal Gray, Glass-Filled Nylon. Scimitar Props resemble a "Scimitar Sword" in the fact that they are curved on one side and flat on the other.
The Latest in Engineering Technology used for this Updated Design.
Lower Noise and Accurate Balance.
Master Airscrew K Series
The "K" Series of props for 4-stroke engines.
Excellent for Any Type of Application, from
Training and Sport Flying to Serious Competition.
Injection-Molded Fiberglass-Filled Nylon Propeller.
Master Airscrew G/F - Nylon
Injection-Molded Fiberglass Filled Nylon Propeller
Master Airscrew Electric
Made of flexible glass filled nylon
Undercambered lightweight blades.
Designed for 400-550 electric motors or geared 550 and 600 motors
Master Airscrew Classic
The Classic Prop is Designed to Look Scale on Piper Cubs and similar Aircraft from the 1930s and '40s.
Master Airscrew 3 Blade
Constructed of glass-filled nylon
Great scale look with greater thrust at lower RPMs
NACA airfoils, true pitch and accurately balanced
Garvon Wood
Made in New Zealand
Computer controlled 2D & 3D Wood
Electric Props
GWS - Propellers for Electric Flight.
The shape is constructed for direct drive applications.
Eagle Folding Props
Bolly Clubman Series
The Bolly Clubman Series uses the lates in Propeller design & Material Technology.
40% Glass Fibre Reinforced
APC Sport/Racing
APC props are manufactured using a pultrusion process.
APC Pusher
Computer-optimized design
APC Pattern
Reinforcing carbon fibers help maintain true constant pitch at any rpm.
APC Free Flight/Fun Fly
Computer-optimized design gives these props a thinner profile and more "bite" with less noise
APC 4 Blade
Lightweight molded nylon construction
APC Pylon/Combat
Lightweight molded nylon construction reduces rotating mass for higher output and longer life.
APC Electric/Slow Flyes
Gray composite one-piece construction
APC 3 Blade
Computer-optimized design

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